Today about 150 cyclists made it to „critical mass“-bikeride in Bielefeld. #zad #nddl was at least visual present and I spoke about it with some people. Someone welcomed me with „nice to meet ZADistes here“. Greetings to the people at „Zone A Défendre“, defending a creative, democratic and environmentally friendly project against a violent state and its brutal police „Gendarmerie nationale“.

Download Track: cm_bi_track_fri_2018_04_27.gpx

We are about 1000 km away from Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Some years ago we have seen violent evictions and destruction of more than one „Anti-A33-Hüttendorf“ and the squatted „Hof Mescher“, on the route of the now partly opened motorway A33, not far away between Bielefeld and Dissen.

Also „critical mass“ and „reclaim the street“-partys were attacked by german police in Bielefeld, some years ago. Today „critical mass“ is accepted and I see no police at the monthly rides… Well, we see them, but just doing their „normal“ work at some places in the city. So perhaps learning is possible, even for the police.